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Janet Wright


"I have been a loyal Barclays Bank PLC employee for more than 21 years. I have been held in high regard by my colleagues, but was feeling a little bewildered with how unbalanced my life had become. Janet "gently" coached me into creating my wheel of life/balance and determining my goals.

I was relatively happy at work but realised that I took on too much for fear of losing my status within the team. This was affecting my home life as my husband could not understand why I worked such long hours and took work home when the bank doors shut at 5pm! Although both happy in our marriage what we wanted most of all was a child, stress was taking its toll.

By taking Janet's advice and guidance, I relaxed more and set myself realistic goals for work, life, money and procreation. I am happy to inform that the new and improved me is more assertive, still well respected (despite not volunteering for everything at work) and now the proud mother of a wonderful baby boy.

Who needs IVF when Janet is around.

It was inside me all along but Janet coached it out of me and it's here to stay!!"

Alison Salter from Barclays Bank


Janet spent over twenty two years working in a multinational telecoms environment. Having studied electronic engineering she became a Chartered Engineer in 1988. Working her way up from lab technician to the senior management team and through most of the supply chain: R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing, project management to name a few; Janet has a sound understanding of what makes organisations and the people that work within them excel.

Janet is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach having studied NLP for a number of years with Ian McDermott of ITS.  Janet set up her own coaching business in 2004 intent on helping as many people as she is able to explore who they really are so that they can be the best that they can be.

Janet's style is to

  1. be non-judgmental
  2. explore with curiosity
  3. clarify values & beliefs through reflection & challenge


Mission or Purpose Statement

To help people become the best they can be

Key Areas of Expertise

  1. Coaching and Mentoring
  2. Leadership
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Mental Toughness
  5. Team Development

Working with young people

  1. Management Development
  2. NLP
  3. Change Management
  4. Communication and Influencing

Client Consulting Experience

Barclays Bank
Barnet Education & Business Partnership
Institute of Engineering & Technology
London Borough of Barnet
St James Place
Yarrow Housing

Previous Corporate Experience

2004 to date Director, The Wright Coach Ltd
1999 to 2004 MCI/Worldcom
1977 to 1999 Nortel

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