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NLP Case Study - 1

How NLP helped me…

I applied for inclusion on the NLP training course having read a previous attendee's glowing recommendation and obvious belief and excitement in what the techniques it teaches had to offer. Having just completed the fourth and final module of the course I can look back on my journey as not one of merely learning a series of techniques but one of that has permanently shifted my attitude to life and work for the better.

Before NLP I might have vaguely believed in the mantra that anything is possible if you work hard enough, but over the past few months this has become a no-brainer such that I now know that it's not the doing the work that is the cause of any success either socially or work wise, but the state of mind you are in. 

From day 1 of the course I have been sold on the idea that whatever life or works throws at you, or whatever you need or want to achieve NLP has a number of techniques to help realise the solution.

Generally I have found myself having more of a can-do attitude at work, found myself volunteering for more work and not letting much get me down where previously such things as weight of work and extremely optimistic targets would have stressed me out.

The NLP "Project" I chose for myself was to successfully and smoothly move my family from Manchester, closer to work in Holmes Chapel. The goal being to reduce the expected stress associated with such a move and to minimise such things as costs, but maximising revenue from the sale of the house etc.

From clearly stating a "Well Formed Outcome" from a day 1 exercise , I was on my way; so successfully in fact that my house was sold the following week at a quiet period in the housing market with 2 purchasers fighting each other via sealed bids!

Using Rapport and Meta Positional techniques, I managed to negotiate successfully further on the purchase price of my new house, removal companies, workmen and solicitors. 

From a work perspective the smoothness of my house move and associated activities has helped me concentrate on my work and help build on my confidence. An example of this was when I presented a brain peaking technique to the whole Management team at the recent mid-year Comms Event. I would have previously been quite anxious ahead of such a public presentation but having used an NLP technique of "Collapsing Anchors", I was quite confident during both sessions, being able to concentrate on my style of delivery more, and so further improving the presentation the second time I ran it.

Even greater reward can be had by helping others using NLP, and during the last few months I've helped my father with his stress, a friend with a facial paralysis, my wife with her curry take-away cravings not to mention her spend versus savings attitude balance!  

In summary therefore I'd say that NLP has given me a different outlook on life, made me feel stronger and has given me the necessary resources to tackle anything that work or life throws at me. 

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