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NLP Case Study - 3

My NLP Journey

Personal benefit

The NLP course has had enormous personal benefit.  I have noticed some very positive changes to my beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that I believe have made me into a better person.

NLP has made me more aware of my actions and created an awareness that I am in control of the choices that I make and of the way that I choose to react.  This has reduced my internal anger when people ‘do’ things to me. 

As a result I am generally calmer and have noticed that my driving style is less aggressive. 

The presuppositions have also increased my awareness of the actions and behaviours of others, particularly focusing on the positive intention of actions.  I have used this in discussions with friends and family and it has changed their perception on the actions of others.

I have become aware of limiting beliefs that I have and addressed some of these.  This has increased my confidence and improved my decision making and decisiveness.  It has also resulted in less lethargy and allowed me to progress my lifestyle. 

I feel that I have more direction now and I know that the tools are available to me to get where I want.  Overall it has developed a greater self-awareness.

Work benefit

The primary work benefit has been in the use of building rapport and improving communication.  This has been used on several occasions to improve working relationships.  Initially I had an issue with the working relationship with my team lead.  NLP gave me the confidence to address this and discuss with my team lead face-to-face.  Further, during the meeting, I used rapport when discussing the issues and this helped generate a positive outcome from the meeting.

Further NLP has increased my confidence and assertiveness at work. 

Future benefit

I see that NLP will have a significant benefit to myself going forward, where I believe it will further strengthen my skills.  I see the key benefits to myself being improved communication when dealing with others allowing me to achieve better results and so further my career.  I would like to be able to take NLP to the next level so that the benefits could be extended to other areas of our company.

Ideally I would like to take these skills into a Team Lead role where they could be more effectively used and shared.  I believe that there are many people within the company who are limited by their own beliefs and would see NLP allowing them to address these, to further their careers and, in turn, benefit the company's bottom line.

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