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Change your life by achieving what you want in 2009!

I would like to wish you in 2009:

 1 year of Success,

 12 Months of Happiness,

   52 Weeks of Good luck,

    365 Days of Fun,

     8,760 Hours of Self Confidence,

       525,600 Minutes of Good Health, and

          31,536,000 Seconds of Joy!

Change your life by achieving what you want in 2009.

Have you set resolutions for 2009? Have you already forgotten them?

Why not take a different approach this year, Think about what you want this year, what do you really want?  Most of us know what we don't want, so maybe it would be useful to take some time to ponder about what you want in 2009?

Make a list of everything you'd like to achieve or change in your life, and then answer the following "W" questions for each item in the list:

After you have set these questions ask yourself who is stopping you from you from achieving it?

Many of us project onto others our reasons for not achieving what we want, but when we look deep down we realise that it is our values and beliefs which drive our behaviour and what stops us from achieving what we want.

If you take full responsibility for your behaviour , you may notice that it is your limiting beliefs about yourself that hold you back.

It's time to create the time and motivation to achieve what you want!

If you need help building your confidence or achieving the success you deserve, please contact us at Inspiring Potential on 0845 355 1159.

Good luck in 2009!

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