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NLP Training Courses - Case Studies

The case studies included on this page are written by clients who have previously attended one of Inspiring Potential's  NLP Courses in London. To view details of our current courses click here.

1 - How NLP helped me…

I applied for inclusion on the NLP course having read a previous attendee's glowing recommendation and obvious belief and excitement in what the techniques it teaches had to offer. Having just completed the fourth and final module of the course I can look back on my journey as not one of merely learning a series of techniques but one of that has permanently shifted my attitude to life and work for the better.

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2 - A life changing course...

We are currently three quarters of the way through this fascinating and genuinely 'life-changing' course. For me, if I'm being honest, the benefits have been much more evident in my personal life than my work life - although the benefits at work are starting to come through as we learn more techniques.

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3 - My NLP Journey

The NLP course has had enormous personal benefit.  I have noticed some very positive changes to my beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that I believe have made me into a better person.

NLP has made me more aware of my actions and created an awareness that I am in control of the choices that I make and of the way that I choose to react. 

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4. NLP Techniques Change Your Life

NLP techniques can change your life – I already knew this from my own previous experiences. My greatest internal revelation back then had been that, "I have a choice of how to behave to any given situation." Rather than just react to issues and hide behind comments like: "But that's just how I am," or "You can't change someone's personality", I realised that I had full control over my 'personality' and I could change anything I wanted to change.

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