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Carole Jacoby


"As an entrepreneur, I don't really have a boss or supervisor to hold me accountable, and my Coach has had a huge impact on my ability to deliver on the commitments that I make to myself, my company and my family. I know what I need to do, and my coach helps me to focus, plan and execute. The results, and the personal satisfaction, have been enormous!"  CEO Insurance Co.

"Carole takes care of the person first. She knew I couldn't be successful at work if I wasn't happy. We have developed and executed  lots of ideas and strategies that have kept things interesting and challenging for me and my team. As a result I have become a better leader"   VP of Sales – International Manufacturing Co.

"Carole inspires confidence. She gets to the core of a problem that you may be too close to see clearly yourself. Her objective perspective helps you reach beyond your preconceived limitations to achieve your goals. She identifies personal development issues as well as work place issues. Carole's coaching has enabled me to transition into a leadership position."  Sr Account Executive, Financial Co.

"I have had the great privilege to work with a LifeVisions coach, Carole Jacoby,  personally and with my team at the bank. She has acted as a "sounding board" for me and as well has helped me and my team see other perspectives. Having a coach work with my team has resulted in individuals operating more effectively as leaders with increased confidence and stronger competencies and skills. My coach's seasoned skills, commitment to excellence, and big "heart" make her an extraordinary resource!"
SR VP, Bank


Carole Jacoby, MS., M.Ed., MCC (Master Certified Coach) is committed to unleashing the potential of people and organizations, enabling them to effectively balance professional advancement with personal enhancement.

As a Personal, Business and Executive Coach, Carole focuses on success for her clients. Through her innate ability to engage with individuals, she create a safe, yet challenging environment, and then focuses on driving behavioral changes for successful results.  Her coaching has focused on leadership effectiveness through improved communication skills, decision-making, relationship building, strategic planning, time management, and career development. 

She has successfully coached key organizational leaders including executives, managers and teams in a wide range of organizations including CitiGroup, Peoples United Bank, Ovation Benefits Group LLC, Black and Decker, Omar Coffee, and BPAI Worldwide.  In addition to coaching, Carole has lead workshops, trainings and off-site retreats including teaching courses at The Yale University Learning Center

Thorough the coaching process, Carole has been known to move people and organizations forward by helping them to break through challenging blocks, identify and leverage