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Coaching Case Study Time Management

The following is a case study of how Inspiring Potential one to one coaching helped a Senior Executive with time management issues, for further information on Inspiring Potential Executive coaching programmes please visit the Executive coaching page.

INDUSTRY:Government Dept.
SIZE:1200 employees
CLIENT:Senior Executive

ISSUE:Senior level executive was overwhelmed by work and was having time management issues. The struggle to keep pace was also affecting his self confidence and his ability to be seen as an effective leader.

SOLUTION:1:1 coaching with the executive to help him to clearly identify the key issues, locate the causes and bring about the required changes.
We also used some NLP techniques to rectify the self confidence issue and encouraged the coachee to try out new behaviours between the sessions.

RESULTS: By examining the source of the time management issues we discovered that the executive was too ready to say yes to new tasks given to him by the heads of other departments instead of delegating such tasks. Also he worked in an open plan environment which meant that he was too 'available' for more junior staff who were requesting his input. He started to schedule block periods in a meeting room for 'me-time' so that he could work on important tasks without interruption. Also he made a more conscious effort to empower his direct reports so that they would not need to interrupt him as much. He also encouraged them to schedule regular appointments with him and go through their non-urgent items in that forum rather than an ad-hoc basis.

He learnt that his eagerness to say yes was a strategy to please people and get recognition, thereby improving his self-confidence. As he improved his efficiency he was getting more recognition and results without any of the stress. He is much happier now and feels very self confident and in control of his workload.