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Coaching Case Study - Stress and Anger Management Client

What was the issue?

This Senior level executive was causing conflict with his colleagues as a result of how he was handling his stress levels. He had frequent angry outbursts and confrontations at work. This behaviour was also having a serious impact on the morale of the team that he was managing.

How did coaching help?

The employee agreed to participate in a 6 month coaching programme at the suggestion of his CEO. By discussing the nature of the conflicts at work, he learnt a lot about the employee's values and how they differed from those of his co-workers. He was able to rationalize why some of the clashes had been occurring. For example he valued deadlines and had zero tolerance for colleagues who failed to meet deadlines. We also did a Myers Briggs profile and discussed how his personality type was different to a lot of the people that he dealt with frequently in the business. We discussed options around how he may flex his style to accommodate his colleagues and direct reports and still get the job done i.e. looking for win/win scenarios. By being more aware of his behaviour patterns and how they affect others, he has developed new ways of dealing with his colleagues and they have recognized the changes in him.

We also used some NLP techniques to more fully explore the underlying anger. By exploring his anger, the executive recognised that he was not ultimately happy in his role, although he liked the company that he worked for. He felt he was getting too bogged down by managing people and this was hampering his entrepreneurial streak. He had some ideas of a new business area that the company could get involved in. During the coaching programme he decided to discuss these ideas with the CEO and ultimately it was agreed that he would move out of his current role and into this new area. The individual has subsequently started the new role and feels much more fulfilled and energised by it. By understanding the underlying causes of his stress, he was able to take the necessary actions to address it.