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Executive Training and Development

Training and Development of executives within an organisation is an essential part of growing the business. Inspiring Potential offers a range of executive development options including executive training workshops and one-to-one coaching in London, UK, Europe and USA.

In many organisations people get promoted due to their functional expertise, but are never trained in managing and motivating people. Acquiring these soft skills is what can create the difference between mediocrity and excellence. It's the difference between being a subject-matter expert and a leader.

Leaders guide and motivate their team to work at their best and thereby improve results, loyalty and motivation. It can reduce staff turnover, absenteeism, stress and tension.

Executive Development through training provides employees with the space to improve their communication and leadership skills.

We do not use 'off the shelf' executive training. We do not believe that the unique needs of an individual, or a company, can be met with pre-written material. We do believe, however, that if the training needs are correctly identified, and the programme is written to meet those unique needs, the training will be effective.

The selection below will provide an idea of the types of employee and executive training courses that we offer:

Post programme follow up

It is often assumed that people who attend a training course will, as a result, change their behaviour overnight. This can happen but is more an exception than a rule. When it doesn't happen, the conclusion can be that the training didn't work. This is both an unfair and an unrealistic expectation. The reason for this is that no matter how motivated a person may be to change, it takes time for the necessary mental and behavioural changes to take place. We recognise this and design our training accordingly.

We believe that training will only be effective if the trainee is encouraged and supported during the time following training. We therefore recommend that a post training session takes place, approximately 4 - 6 weeks following the original training. Alternatively we recommend that each attendee at the training receives individual coaching sessions to enable them to successfully integrate their new learnings into their own action plan.

Executive Training & Development - please contact us to discuss your organisational training requirements.